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AFIS Cyprus is a Non-Profit Organization that was founded on the initiative of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), aiming at the collection and management of Portable Electric Strips (PES or batteries).

Shareholders and members of the Organization are battery importing companies which are responsible, under the legislation, to manage the batteries that they sell in an environmentally friendly way. Responsible for the management of batteries are also companies which import devices with embedded batteries (rechargeable or disposable).

The Organization had established a Board of Directors and as of the 1st of November 2007 it had collaborated with Green Dot (Cyprus) Public Co Ltd for the organization and management of a System for batteries and accumulators.

The System has been approved by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment since April 1, 2009 and is the first licensed Collective Management System for Portable / Electrical Columns and Batteries. In October 2018, the accreditation of the system was renewed until August 2024.