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The Regulation 56/2016 of the Solid and Hazardous Waste Law (N215 (I) / 2002) defines the basic parameters with regard to the distribution and management of batteries in the Cyprus Market. It is specifically stated in the Regulation that batteries must be collected separately from Municipal Solid Waste and directed to correct environmental treatment. The regulation is based on Directive 2013/56/EC.

The companies that import batteries to the Republic, have the responsibility of recovering and recycling of the batteries. Responsible for the treatment of batteries in the market are both companies which import batteries for use in various devices and companies which import devices with embedded batteries (rechargeable or disposable).

Regarding this obligation, the companies may either organize individual Compliance Systems or organize and participate in Collective Compliance Systems.

Based on the practice of other European countries, a large number of companies in Cyprus have already contracted and created the non-profit organization A.F.I.S Cyprus Ltd.

The Organization was founded on the initiative of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) as an umbrella organization and now its shareholders are companies – importers of batteries liable to the Republic. To date, more than 230 companies have been involved in the System.