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Which companies are obliged to ensure the recycling of batteries?

The companies that import batteries to the Republic, have the responsibility of recovering and recycling of the batteries. Responsible for the treatment of batteries in the market are both companies which import batteries for use in various devices and companies which import devices with embedded batteries (rechargeable or disposable).

Who covers the cost of the collection and recycle of batteries in Cyprus?

The costs of collecting and shipping batteries abroad for recycling are covered by battery importers in accordance with the law. The Collective Management System for portable batteries AFIS Cyprus, initiated by the importers themselves, operates with the management fees and coordinates all the required processes: From the consumer's information and the collection of the batteries to the final disposal for recycling.

Are there any specific targets regarding the alternative management of batteries?

According to the European legislation, the following targets for the collection of portable batteries are set for all Member States: 25% by weight of portable batteries placed in the market by 26/9/2012 should be collected and 45% the weight of portable placed in the market by 26/9/2016 should be collected respectively.

How are the money received by AFIS being spend?

The revenues of the Organization received from the companies are used for the operation of the Organization with the primary goal of achieving the objectives of the legislation at the lowest cost. AFIS as a non-profit organization, uses any surplus as revenue for next year.

I am a member of AFIS. Does AFIS succeed in achieving the objectives of the legislation imposed on it or will my company be exposed?

In 2016, AFIS was able to achieve its goals of collecting and managing 25% of the batteries that its members placed on the market for the first time. With the change in legislation, which has increased the management rate from 25% to 45% since 2016, AFIS is trying to achieve the new goals. It invests much of its revenue in communication and the results of the past two years show that the 45% target will soon be achieved.

Who determines the amount of fees paid by the members of AFIS?

The fees are determined by the Organization’s Board of Directors and approved by the Waste Management Advisory Committee (WSSD) during the Organization's licensing process. If the Organization wants to change its fees during the licensing it must again be approved by the WSSD.

Are the batteries being collected recycled?

Yes the collected batteries are shipped to recycling factories in Europe and being recycled.